What is Public Service Loan Forgiveness?

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) is a federal program that forgives your remaining balance on qualifying student loans (tax free!) after making 120 payments while working full time at a qualifying employer.


StudentLoan Tech can help if you:

  • Work full time for a nonprofit organization
  • Have student loans
  • Want to obtain additional education
  • Have parent plus or private loans
  • Want to achieve financial wellness

Working with StudentLoan Tech

1. Meet with your Financial Advisor to determine your financial goals and complete an optimized student loan strategy.

2. Make a payment to receive your student loan strategy details and your documents to enroll

3. Enroll in your income driven repayment plan online with help from StudentLoan Tech

4. Complete your annual recertifications (with or without StudentLoan Tech)

5. Complete annual recertifications and make 120 qualifying loan payments to your loan servicer

6. Receive Public Service Loan Forgiveness